Martha McCarty

Bloomwood Media: The Wonder Boys

Before Bloomwood Media came to my rescue, I thought nothing could be done about the dilemma I was in. There seemed a zero chance of meeting the publishing deadline for a little gem of a book that was written but was not yet fit for print. The book’s deficiencies were acute—there was no cover, page layouts were undone and the deadline was unforgiving.

“No worries,” the Wonder Boys at Bloomwood assured me. “We can do this.” They did it and they didn’t flinch.

They created a tantalizing cover and formatted pages, photo spreads and just-the-right fonts. Then they designed a showcase for handwritten letters an American G.I. had sent home from the Korean War. Soon, the remarkable book Don’t Flunk Retirement went to print two days before the deadline.

I live in America and Bloomwood execs Jason and Steven are in Australia. Even so, they fixed what was broken and, aside from time differences, it felt like they were in the office next door. How cool is that?