• Collaboration, Clarity, Communication

    Collaboration, Clarity, Communication

    When you know your requirements, we know how to deliver.

  • Don't just dream about writing! Finish it!

    Don't just dream about writing! Finish it!

    Nothing more satisfying that getting out the first draft!

  • We will help you get to the finish line!

    We will help you get to the finish line!

    Editing without changing the emotions, or feeling.

Jason Lockwood & Steven Bloom

What We Do

Offering services that help organisations of all sizes create products, documents, manuals and curriculum. We pride ourselves in taking complex technical content and turning it into readable material suited for its purpose.

Other services we offer include:



Software consulting


Leadership assessments and coaching

Software Consulting
Leadership Assessments & Coaching
Video Editing

Meet the Team

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With nearly 30 years of experience across many large organisations. Steven has had a variety of roles working in sales, technical consulting, IT Operations, training, project management, marketing, and telesales. This has provided him with diverse experience working with individuals and groups across different industries both private and public, and in countries from USA, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

Much of his time has been spent either talking or writing. Not just emails and programming scripts, but documents that either explain how something works, outline the specifics of a task, or communicate a specific message.

He used to write a lot of statements of work and his goal was to write a document so clear and concise that it would pass through the legal review process without a correction. That time came and since then he has understood the value of  clarity especially when it comes to communication.

More recently he has spent nine years in the Customer Experience (CX) industry - implementing systems and surveys to help clients understand what their customers are thinking and using this to help build business strategies. In this role he was instrumental in creating a technical database that is used daily by his colleagues and customers to solve problems and assist with implementation and integration of Digital CX solutions into their websites and mobile apps.

Clients say he is collaborative, engaging, and they enjoy working with him. He has a strong customer service ethic and focusses on customer success through understanding their needs, identifying outcomes, and determining how best to attain them.

Looking for a Technical Support Engineer or Technical Account Manager, or someone that knows how to combine technical knowhow with business acumen and has great communication skills? Then you want Steven.

He is a graduate of Australian Graduate School of Management (Sydney University), and The Robbins Madanes Training Centre in Strategic Intervention and Coaching.  Steven holds certifications in Everything DiSC personal profiles & DiSC 363 For Leaders.  When he isn’t writing he is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and uses Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques for teams needing to decrease stress, anxiety, and increase productivity and health in the workplace


2015 marks Jason’s 20th year in the software and services industry, and he has a vast background in the technical and business focused aspects of both.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jason caught the travel bug from a young age and vowed to see the world as soon as he was able to. Over the years lived in Belgium, Quebec, Slovakia and, in 2008, he fulfilled a lifelong dream to migrate to Sydney, Australia.

From 1995 to the early 2000s, Jason was a business applications developer. During that time, he also wrote an Applications Programming Interface guide, including practise exercises to assist developers in using the API.

He later became a full-time technical writer. His main focus was on developer guides, whilst contributing to administrational and user guides, as well. Later he added curriculum development, drawing on his teaching experience to guide the creation of concise and practical training for end users, administrators and developers.

As a lead technical trainer, Jason travelled all over North America and Europe to deliver training to both technical and non-technical audiences. He prides himself on his ability to convey deeply technical subjects in an understandable and compelling way.

When he relocated to Sydney, his focus shifted to Pre-sales and Business Analysis, once again including documentation in his arsenal of skills.

Jason also writes in his spare time, having completed a memoir of his year teaching English in Slovakia, entitled Banana Peels on the Tracks: Coming of Age in Post-Communist Slovakia. You can find it on Amazon and Booktopia. For signed copies, please visit our Products page.