Amina has lived with much set against her. Born female to a poor family in a patriarchal society, taken out of school to work, married to a stranger and swept into a genocide authorised by her President, Saddam Hussein.

Amina is more than a survivor. Her story gives voice to thousands of others who lived through the same catastrophic events, but is also a testament to her courage and compassion that saved many lives around her.

Emma met Amina as a face in the crowd of her broken community and had the great privilege of sharing her account of all that took place against her family and people. These events are not well known outside of Kurdish Iraq, and there is a danger that they will be forgotten. Firsthand experiences are often lost with the passing of the generation that survived.

Amina’s story will horrify and inspire, but she hasn’t faltered to live a life of love in the face of death and destruction.

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